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Call.Plus is the premier free reverse look-up service for mobiles and landlines within 16 Countries. It’s important to us to provide you with the most up-to-date details, so we use the latest public databases available to keep our information current and useful. Our service allows you to enter a phone number into our system and return any details we may have about its owner and where they live, such as the names associated with the number and a Google map of the general area if an address is found. The results page for any listed number will also show a date for the last time the information was publicly available, so you know how current that information is.

How does it work?

Simply type in an phone number (including its area code) and hit enter. For example, the numbers 0401-234-567 or (02) 1234-5678.

I see a private number listed, how come?

Absolutely none of our data is taken from the IPND or any private source. However, it is possible that we received a number prior to it being privately listed or from another source. Our records go back over 2 years! In these cases, only the information that was public most recently is displayed, with the date that information was last updated. We have no way of telling if a number is private or not.

My number used to be owned by a company, please remove our listing so that we stop getting calls!

We are a reverse lookup site, we do not list numbers by name or category. We also do not allow bulk enquiries of our database, nor sell access to our database to marketers. Being listed on our site should not encourage telemarketers to contact you, we don't like telemarketers either!

This listing has the wrong carrier listed, why?

The ACMA issues phone numbers in blocks to carriers. When a number is transferred to another carrier, the original carrier is still listed as the current holder of the number. We are publishing the number holder, as opposed to the number carrier.

Someone wrote something bad on a listing, please remove it

Please navigate to the comment you have a problem with, click the 'report' text on the bottom of the comment to report it. Please submit a detailed report about the comment and why it should be removed. Comment removal policies vary by country and applicable local law.

My comments aren't showing up, why?

Before any comments are posted, they are passed through a few basic rules. If a commenter posts too many successive comments, they are all ignored. If a comment contains excessive profanity, it is ignored. If a comment does not appear to pertain to the phone number, or is not written in english, it will be ignored. If a comment is a duplicate, it will be ignored. If a comment is from a foreign IP, it is ignored. Otherwise your comments should show up within a day or two.

What is your phone and mailing address, I want to harass contact you

We're sorry to hear that. We don't fancy the idea of being called in the middle of the night, and hopefully vice versa. We also don't like the idea of expensive phone calls and postage, and carriers in even charge us to receive calls (ridiculous right?!). With that in mind, email is by far the best way to harass contact us.

What can I use Call.Plus for?

Please refer to our acceptable use policy before using the service as usage restrictions apply. If you have any questions, please email us.

Why use Call.Plus over other services?

We 100% promise to protect you from the dangers other services are unable (or unwilling) to provide. Yes - using Call.Plus protects you and your family from both drop bears *and* hoop snakes. We may extend our services to include bunyips and boony dolls, provided there is enough demand for it. Please let us know!