8883201802 / 888 320 1802
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Dear Admin, I just posted a notice a couple of minutes ago but after a review i noticed i used the wrong number. I posted it about 888-320-1812 that is wrong, the correct number is 888-320-1802 I sincerely apologize for my mistake. However the notice stands for the corrected number. here is the notice again for ease of use if you need to make corrections. Thanks and again my apologies

This number was actually at the bottom of an email i received stating they were excited to be shipping my order of a xpm coin, which i didn't buy and never even knew what it was till I did a search. the email had a header that looked like PayPal (I sent the email to the real PayPal) however i knew it wasn't because 1 it was from a gmail account ([email protected]), 2 I never purchased anything, and 3 the email never said who it was from. it did have my full name and email (of course), an order number and an invoice number. the funny thing is there were no links in the email just this phone number which i did not try to call. the email also had a date which is the wrong format for the country in which I live. Here we list the month, day and year, the email listed the day, month and year.
2022-08-05 11:09:26 (*.*.c702.13f0) report
Protect Yourself From Telephone Scams

Remember these tips to avoid being a victim of a telephone scam:


- Register your phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry. You may register online or by calling 1-888-382-1222. If you still receive telemarketing calls after registering, there’s a good chance that the calls are scams.
- Be wary of callers claiming that you’ve won a prize or vacation package.
- Hang up on suspicious phone calls.
- Be cautious of caller ID. Scammers can change the phone number that shows up on your caller ID screen. This is called “spoofing.”
- Independently research business opportunities, charities, or travel packages that the caller offers.


- Don’t give in to pressure to take immediate action.
- Don’t say anything if a caller starts the call asking, “Can you hear me?” This is a common tactic for scammers to record you saying “yes.” Scammers record your “yes” response and use it as proof that you agreed to a purchase or credit card charge.
- Don’t provide your credit card number, bank account information, or other personal information to a caller.
- Don’t send money if a caller tells you to wire money or pay with a prepaid debit card.

2023-05-27 19:11:17 ( advisor )
Telephone Scams

Telephone scammers try to steal your money or personal information. Scams may come through phone calls from real people, robocalls, or text messages. Callers often make false promises, such as opportunities to buy products, invest your money, or receive free product trials. They may also offer you money through free grants and lotteries. Some scammers may call with threats of jail or lawsuits if you don’t pay them.
2023-05-27 19:11:17 ( advisor )
International Phone Number : +1 8883201802
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